We’re delivering advanced retail analytics and contact centre services that boost clients’ sales and customer loyalty.
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Creating future-focused retailers through intelligent solutions

Long-established retailers are facing a do or die scenario as the previous battlegrounds of location and price points give way to the new turf wars of service, innovation, brand and ever increasing expectations of the online shopping experience. Key to this is the explosion in the amount of data available about the consumer – and the retailers' ability to make the most of it. 

We're helping the retail industry meet increasing consumer expectations with services that improve online and in-store performance.

Our digital solutions evaluate data from customer interactions, so firms can develop personalised customer journeys and promotions, and reduce costs. We provide highly trained customer contact teams that, supported by social media monitoring and data analysis, have significantly increased sales for major high street firms, such as Marks & Spencer and Debenhams. We also help retailers streamline other operational processes and optimise energy consumption.


conversations handled every year through our range of managed contact centres


in business rates managed yearly for some of the UK's biggest retailers

Boosting customer engagement by live streaming the showroom


We're helping ŠKODA to get in front of their customers, wherever they are, by streaming the car showroom to their devices with the Live Tour.

Most retailers are sitting on piles of data gold, but you need the right analytical tools to find it. Capita’s 3D Insight methodology helps companies uncover where in the journey customers are having issues – and the steps to resolve them.

Our client, ŠKODA renowned for its customer service, is always looking for ways to make the customer journey as smooth as possible.

Like many organisations today, they had an abundance of potentially invaluable customer data. But they needed the right analytical tools to use this data and turn it into actionable insight. This kind of insight has the potential to spot and rectify any issues that might affect their reputation for outstanding customer service.

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4 weeks

for one supplier to address aftersales queries - quickly spotted using 3D Insight


of goodwill payments down to poor service - also picked up through 3D Insight

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