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Comprehensive tracing services to support you with Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) compliance.
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Keeping you connected with your members and clients

Financial services providers, including pension scheme administrators, are required to maintain high-quality data about their customers and members and to do everything they can to reconnect with those that have gone missing and communicate with them about their pension, savings account or insurance policy. 

Yet fewer than half of pensions managers are very confident that they have accurate member data for their pensions and that they were able to trace or contact all their members, both past and present. The risks to the scheme are obvious. 

Our data and tracing expertise can help you to be compliant and to make sure that your customers or pension scheme members, past and present, don’t lose out just because they have forgotten to let you know that their circumstances have changed, or because they have unknowingly been caught up in a deterioration of your data.


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Our comprehensive tracing services


Our core model comprises thresholds for the amount, type and detail of information that people need to provide to prove that they are who we think they are. You can decide what type and amount of verification you require, and whether to go through the verification process or to simply pay out as soon as we have traced them.

You can decide whether you want us to create an online environment, how we communicate with people, and the best way of implementing the project so that it does not affect your day-to-day operations. We can white label projects so that the websites people visit, the paperwork they receive, the call centres they contact all carry your branding. We provide the option of a consistent, recognisable experience, or we can act as your visible partner.

Batch tracing

We cleanse all the data you have in your system, checking whether we have people’s full names and addresses. We get it into the best possible state we can before running it through the postcode address file and the Credit Reference Agency Database. We can see where people have lived over the years and determine whether we can find them at a new address.

We grade the data bronze, silver, gold and platinum according to its strength and the certainty of tracing people, determined by the quality of the data we receive from you and the extra information we’ve been able to gather. 

Mortality screening

Alongside the batch process, we check whether people are deceased. Just over 550,000 people die in the UK every year, so most organisations see a mortality rate of 3% among the members they are trying to reconnect with.

Screening your pensioner payroll avoids making overpayments to customers or members who have died. It also allows you to access accurate mortality records so that you can increase your pension fund levels, reduce your de-risking costs and realign your journey plans, prevent fraud, recover overpayments, carry out your fiduciary duties and manage risk. It also, of course, helps you liaise empathetically with the families of deceased scheme members. We can carry out one-off, monthly, quarterly and annual screening.

We check your data against the government’s Death Disclosure Register Information database and the General Register Office. We grade the data depending on its quality and move on to the next stage if we find that people have passed on.

Deceased tracing

If you need to find the executors or beneficiaries of a will we operate a fully auditable process based on government-issued documentation to find legally appointed executors as registered on the Grant of Probate, or Informants of Death as registered on the Death Certificate.

We look at various databases as well as searching for probates. 40% of people in the UK have a will or probate when they die, so it is an effective way of quickly tracing most deceased people.

International tracing

If customers or members have moved outside the UK & Channel Islands, we carry out electronic checks of international batch residency data and an international existence mailing exercise, forensically tracing international addresses.

We can customise our approach to locate specific groups of overseas customers or members as well as meeting large-scale project requirements.

Manual tracing

There are sometimes a group of people for whom the data supplied didn’t meet the standards for batch tracing or for whom we haven’t been able to find information from external databases.

This may be because they’ve married and you don’t have their new surname, or they’ve moved home so frequently that your system has been unable to keep up, or they provided inaccurate details in the first place.

We go further and dig deeper to find these people – as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) requires – with our team of specialists who solve the puzzle of why people weren’t found during the batch tracing stage, and manually retrace people’s steps through the data by making connections and links that the automated systems missed.

Our team cross-reference  financial datasets from public and historic sources using their expertise and experience to decide which ones are relevant. We investigate discrepancies and evaluate potential conflicts in addresses, checking birth, marriage and death records to find their current address.

Forensic tracing

The next step from manual tracing is forensic tracing. If you have missing customers or members who are entitled to thousands or hundreds of thousands of pounds, but the data you have on them is too limited, old or corrupted to be of use, we can carry out in-depth research specific to each case to try to find them.

Our team cross-reference financial datasets from public and historic sources and investigate any discrepancies. We carry out in-depth research, including social media and online presence, property ownership, company links and directorships, granular financial indicators, insolvency and bankruptcy, joint accounts and financial associates. 


Once we’ve found missing customers or members, we help you to verify their identities and current addresses, according to the parameters you specified at the beginning of the project.

We work with you to identify the people to be contacted and create personalised letters or emails, managing the entire process of prompting them to get in touch and then taking them through the agreed security procedure to confirm their identity.

We keep you up to date with the process with weekly reports and regular management information. 

Bespoke services

We offer two bespoke services alongside our core data and tracing service – insolvency, which determines whether people receiving payments are bankrupt, and company tracing, which provides you with evidence that a company whose pension you’re managing is trading or has been dissolved.

With either of these two projects, we start by cleansing your data. Then, for the insolvency service, we screen for insolvency/bankruptcy, checking for debt relief orders, individual voluntary arrangements, bankruptcy, and debt arrangement schemes. We provide you with a yes/no indicator at the end of the process, as well as detailed information about the insolvency practitioner, including their name, contact details and insolvency type.

This simple, two-step screening process safeguards you and gives a clear understanding of your customers, ensuring that you’re paying the right people. 

As part of the company tracing service, we manually trace companies by investigating their registered office addresses, their last filed accounts and annual return dates. We also conduct research into their directors and shareholders.

We check the results, including details of any companies that are trading, have ceased trading, or are insolvent, and send you the details. We then update your database with the results and write to the identified companies.

We find evidence of existing companies with names that match the ones you are looking for and provide you with exact links to their Company House number and registered trading addresses.

“Capita successfully completed the data cleanse project, which means there is process automation, enabling administration services to be delivered with minimal levels of risk.”

Janis Ireland, Pensions Governance and Operations Managerat Heineken

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