Creating better customer experiences through a holistic transformation strategy

For a customer experience transformation to be a success, you need a clear vision, robust strategy, carefully created solutions and a truly customer centric approach.

But, too often, customer experience transformations are delivered with little awareness or understanding of how their customers interact or what their expectations are at every touchpoint across the entire customer journey.

If you don't take a thorough, end-to-end approach to customer experience, you run a number of risks – such as not allocating the right resources; underestimating the need for a change management strategy; or not having the right measures in place either to determine success or to maintain it. 

We've developed Capita’s Six Pillar Customer Experience (CX) framework to provide  a robust methodology for delivering successful transformations.

We work through each pillar to ensure clients have a strong understanding of their interaction with their customers and the reality of the experience at every touchpoint – from online transactions, marketing communications and chat – to social media or voice-based customer services support.

How it works

We focus on the top strategic priorities for our clients right across their business, to ensure:

  • the customer experience strategy is aligned to their strategic vision
  • the right resources are allocated to the programme
  • change management is built into the customer experience programme
  • executive buy-in to the customer experience strategy
  • a holistic, end-to-end approach to customer experience management
  • results are measurable and customer journey performance is continually monitored and maintained.

The six pillars of the framework

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