Understanding individual customer needs and vulnerabilities

There are many reasons why people find themselves in financial difficulties. The Coronavirus pandemic has meant that people with good credit histories, who have never been in debt before, are reaching out for help until they can get back on their feet after they’ve been ill or lost their job.

Treating all customers fairly and with empathy, based on their individual circumstances, is the right thing to do. In fact, the Financial Conduct Authority has made fairness a matter of compliance, and it has imposed large fines on some high street banks that haven’t treated their customers fairly.

But all too often, businesses disregard their customers’ circumstances and drive them all down the same path to a standard collections approach.

Capita tailors every response to the individual, with agents who are trained to be compassionate and technology that allows customers to personalise their journeys. We provide a choice of digital or agent-assisted channels that seamlessly interact to provide an omni-channel response.

We’re also able to intervene before an issue arises, helping people to avoid debt through predictive data analytics that flag early warning signs. Our approach is designed to deliver journeys that are specific to the individual and outcomes that are right for our clients. We’re the only organisation to take this approach, which is one of several reasons why we’re the debt management partner of choice of many major banks, utilities, telecoms and finance firms.

Treating customers fairly in collections 

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